I happen to be one of the few Saltsters who believes I have worked for 4.5 years in a 2.5 year old company. Why? Because I knew Hemant Dahiya, its Managing Director from his earlier outing at G2Rams and chose to sail the boat with him and other members of the team because I found him to be a great leader.

So why is it that in times of relatively short job life spans, that I chose to stick that long in a company is what most people ask me. There are several and you will come to know of them immediately, the moment you step into the Salt environment.

For one, I find it the coolest organization led by dedicated, cutting edge professionals. It is not luck or coincidence that has seen the meteoric rise of Salt but outstanding talents of the team that has contributed to its growth. I am proud to be associated with professionals and because they understand and respect professionalism, it makes my work that much easier and appreciated.

The most surprising aspect of the organization is its humane approach. I call it a 98.4 degree company, one with the human warmth. It is very rare to find such companies and I have friends working in organizations who are without heart and whose only driving motive is money. For this reason alone, I love Salt.

Another thing I find endearing about Salt is its open doors approach that doesn’t lay too much emphasis on hierarchy and structures. Everyone is approachable and employees are treated with respect and everyone can voice their opinion, ideas and suggestions. I have seen even rank new comers make their mark because they got a lot of opportunity and freedom to execute their ideas. The degree of freedom I get and I see it being granted to others is amazing and does wonders to creativity.

Salt has helped me evolve in my journey in many ways. The two incidents that I distinctly remember are the musical shows – Visit Britain and KPMG Partner Event, for which I wrote the scripts from scratch and the video content. While I was doing it, I had butterflies fluttering in my stomach but Salt’s belief in me that I could pull it off saw me deliver the shows that were loved and appreciated by everyone.

It is amazing how the work that I do passes through different hands to become better and better and the delight I get when the concept that runs in my head takes a shape that is even better than I imagined, cannot be described in words. Simply Awesome!

By - Ravi Sharma (Associate Creative Director)

An engineer from a top notch engineering college to a job in India’s leading defence aircraft manager (HAL) to his present universe!

Ravi, has co-authored a novel “The Quest Of The Sparrows” along with his son, published by Rupa Publications.