Design is like a butterfly with colorful wings. Ever evolving, wearing colors of the flowers (clients) it rests on. It undertakes the challenge of blending, yet standing apart in the competitive garden.

Design is the heart of any communication in media and entertainment industry. It becomes the face of a product, event, service we project. Design language is a visual representation that becomes the primary contact between any product/service/event communication and the consumer.

Concept, color, shape, size, innovation, white space, and solidity are a few components that format the aesthetics of any design. A good logo design could just be a simple stroke like that of Nike or it could be just Google written in a simple font that can be modified to various subjects & moods. A good structure can be designed with planks of wood and metal and it can also be speaking the content through a simple screen used in an innovative way.

Design not only interprets the brand but also interprets the essence of the creator and his understanding of the brand. Art & Design is not just an artist’s impression of a subject but it’s a challenge that a designer takes to please his/her creative desires and at the same time satisfy the client and the viewer’s state of understanding.

Relating Design to where am I right now….for me design is subjective but with an Objective.

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By - Ritika Sharma (Creative Director)

Ritika has over 20 years experience encapsulating advertising, events and integrated marketing services.

In her words "Graphics & Painting run my passion. Photography & travel expand my thoughts. Cooking & craft stimulate my senses".