BTL or Below the Line is our calling card.

Somehow this line seems to have defined who we are and what we do as an industry.  It has by its very definition made us believe we are an after thought in a brands marketing mix.

By being below the line we were seen as a tribe of subterranean bottom feeders.

I would know.

I came into the ‘events’ business after successfully stinting above the line for over 18 years. Where the focus was on creating an ad campaign costing pots of money with more thrown at buying air time to make these ads visible. And once the line and everything above it was satiated, came the turn of the ones below the line, where as an afterthought and to tick of the boxes something ‘on ground’ would be done to give the campaign the much needed holistic 360 degree mix.

With the customer moving away from traditional media and finding content online or on smartphones and with most ad breaks turning into marathon back to back sponsorship pleas, the efficacy of the ad campaign has steadily deteriorated to the point of becoming a nuisance most people avoid.  And how do you measure if the actual TG got the message? Or values the brand positively?

With millions riding on the campaign, surely there must be a way where every paisa spent is effectively tracked?There isn’t! It just doesn’t make sense to pump in a whole lot of dollars in creating a masterpiece and then leaving it to chance, good timing and mood to ensure that the majority sees it.

The ‘SPRAY & PRAY‘ method of brand promotion is dead.

Could there be a better way for the brand to Build Their Legacy?

Welcome to the world of experiential marketing.

Smart brand managers now truly value the ‘experience’ the consumers have directly with the brand.  They want to measure the brand spends and use the experience to create a positive interaction with the TG.

Think of Bacardi NH7 weekender, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, IB Super Hits Tour, Blenders Pride Fashion Tour and more where the consumer got to experience a memorable time and paid it forward with a positive reinforcement for the brand

When you are happy, you spread the word and when you spread the word you as a consumer become the most potent brand ambassador, a trust worthy voice that even the most famous celebrity in swanky exotic location ads can’t beat.

So it’s time we the BTL got rid of our ‘bottom dwelling’ mentality and truly add value to the brand by BUILDING THEIR LEGACY directly with the audience and ensure that the line is truly blurred with ‘experience’ counting for more.

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By - Dilip Ramachandran (Chief Strategy Officer)

Dilip has over 18 plus years experience in Broadcast media, Live events, Performing Arts and Brand Strategy.

Drummer PARIKRAMA 1992-2008 and performed at the Download Festival Opening for Iron Maiden