While I write this piece, most of India suffers with scorching summer heat. Considering these harsh climatic conditions, the question now arises: Is it wise for brands to do activations or events in this heat?

The answer is, Yes!

On-ground activation in summers can be a blessing in disguise. In summers, people prefer enclosed air-conditioned places over open markets or shopping streets. The TG can be easily targeted at Key accounts (Liquor & Beverages) and Malls (FMCG). The shopping malls in particular offer good F&B options, live music bands, and movie theaters. Since people spend a lot of time in malls, it is more likely that they pay attention to activations. Therefore, brands must approach aggressively to ensure more consumers try their offerings. Imagine getting free sample of a new ice cream or beverage as soon as entering the mall, in the searing heat… bliss.

In summers, brands go for experiential marketing agencies that can give out-of-the-box experiential marketing solutions for products like cold drinks, Ice creams, summer clothing line etc. Most of the brands renew budgets at these times and are more likely to buy ideas that are tailor-made for such products.

image source: ishareimage.com/tumblr-photography-fun.asp

By - Harsh Chaturvedi (Sr. Manager, Client Servicing)

Harsh has over 8 years experience in developing marketing campaigns.